The Team


  • Solidworks – Donated 9 Licenses of Solidworks
  • Stevens Alum – Donated Microprocesser and Pressure Sensor
  • We are in contact with Atlas Meridian of Denmark
  • We are in contact with Northrop Grumman

If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact our project manager

The Team

Mina Samaan

Computer Engineer, Systems Engineer Project Manager, Assistant Systems Engineer

Mina is a graduating senior at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he is simultaneously pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Systems Engineering (expected in May 2009).  While attending Stevens, he worked at the Center for Maritime Systems for three years, developing algorithms for autonomous underwater navigation under Dov Kruger (see advisors), in addition to various research missions with AUVs and high speed hull evaluation. He has been heavily involved in numerous activities, including various holistic mission trips around the globe, benefiting by serving.

Venkat Rao

Mechanical Engineer Project Manager, Hull Design Lead

Venkat is a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is a completing his Mechanical Engineering degree with a concentration in Robotics and Automation in May 2009. In addition to his ME degree, Venkat will be receiving minors in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. Venkat has previous worked at the Office of Academic Entrepreneurship at Stevens, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

Max Butt

Computer Engineer, Systems Engineer Software Lead, Imaging Lead

Max Butt is Senior at Stevens Institute Technology pursuing his Bachelor degree in Computer engineering and minor in Electrical engineering. Also, he is working on his Masters degree in Systems engineering. He worked as network engineer and System Engineer at Blackrock financial and has extensive knowledge of networking and systems engineering based on UNIX, windows and Cisco devices. He also worked at Zensar Techonologies for RFR and computer programing based on algorithm and testing and debugging  programs for production.

Nikulkumar Patel

Electrical Engineer Editor in Chief, Sensors Lead

Nikulkumar is an electrical engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology.  He is expected to graduate in May 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Engineering.  He has also taken courses that will be deferred until after graduation in order to complete a graduate program.

Michael Trent

Mechanical Engineer Financial Officer, Mechanical Arm Lead

Michael Trent is a Senior at Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing his Bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering and a minor in Economics.  This past summer he worked at Stein Seal Company developing mathematical models for the research and development of seals to be used in the military’s Joint Strike Fighter engine as well as several other applications.  Michael will be applying his knowledge of fluids and heat transfer to the mechanical team, as well as his knowledge of economics as the financial officer.

Jonathan Yao

Mechanical Engineer Testing Lead, Thrusters Lead

Jonathan Yao is a graduating senior at Stevens Institute of Technology, currently completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a contraction in Aerospace Engineering.  He has also received an Associate of Arts in Math and Science form SUNY Rockland Community College.

Abdul Halim

Mechanical Engineer Structures Lead, Waterproofing Lead

Abdul Halim is a graduating senior at Stevens Institute of Technology.  He is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with emphasize on product design and manufacturing. He will also receive minors in structural engineering and entrepreneurship. Abdul has worked as a consulting engineer at Ranhill Consulting.

Farhad Etemadipour (Fred)

Electrical Engineer, Systems Engineer System Engineer, Power Systems Lead

Fred is a graduating senior at Stevens Institute of Technology.  He is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with a minor focus in Computer Engineering.  In addition to his undergraduate work, he is pursuing a Masters in Systems Engineering with a graduate certificate focusing in Project Management.  Fred also has hands on experience in the field of engineering.  He participated in the Technogenesis Summer Scholars Program and did research for Stevens funded by the U.S. Navy.  Also he is currently working for Instrumentation Engineering as an Electrical/Systems Engineer; a leading company in designing and developing test systems for aerospace, medicine, and the Department of Defense.

Wan Jusoh

Mechanical Engineer Fabrication Lead, Hydrodynamics Lead

Wan Ahmad Fauzan Wan Jusoh is currently a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology pursuing his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also working on his Graduate Certificate in Power Generation. He has wide knowledge in general area of power plant generation, fuel combustion and heat transfer


Haibo He Professor of Computer Engineering at Stevens, EE/CpE Group Advisor

Dr. He’s primary research interest is adaptive intelligent systems, including adaptive learning, bio-inspired intelligent mechanisms, data mining, computational intelligence, VLSI/FPGA design and testing, as well as various application problems. The long-term objective is to advance the understanding of brain-like intelligence and develop models/algorithms to potentially replicate certain levels of such intelligence. Please visit the Self-Adaptive Intelligent Systems Laboratory (SAIS) for more information.

Yong Shi Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stevens, ME Group Advisor

Dr. Shi, the princepal advisor on the Mechanical Engineering aspects of the project, has been an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stevens Institute of Technology since 2004. He obtained his M.S and Ph.D in 2001 and 2004 respectively from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests include functional nanofibers and nanocomposites, micro/nano actuators and sensors, RF, Bio, medical MEMS/NEMS systems design, modeling and fabrication . He won the ASNT fellowship from the American Society of Nondestructive Testing in 2007 for the development of a nano acoustic sensor. Shi is also a member of several scientific and professional societies, including IEEE, MRS, ASME, and Sigma Xi. He previously advised a senior design team on propulsion system for a micro underwater robot.

Raju Datla Associate Professor at the Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens

Dr. Raju Datla is an Associate Scientist at the Davidson Laboratory and his specialties include marine hydrodynamics and coastal engineering. Since 1935, the Davidson Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology has been an international leader in the field of ocean engineering. It conducts basic and applied research in hydrodynamics, ocean engineering and the environment. Dr. Datla oversees a staff that includes 10 senior researchers, three research engineers, a technical and support staff of eight, and 15 graduate students. In the past he has worked with commercial firms and developed relevant cutting edge technologies. Initially, Dr. Datla will be responsible for the wave tank testing at the Davidson Laboratory

Alister Grieg Visiting Professor of Hydrodynamics

Alistair Greig was trained as a Marine Engineer by the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors MOD(N) and spent time at sea on warships and submarines. His BSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Marine Engineering were completed at UCL. He subsequently studied for a part time PhD at UCL in underwater robotic applications. He was appointed as a UCL Lecturer in 1989 and a Senior Lecturer in 2001. (Dr. Yong Shi awarded NSF grant ( HOBOKEN N.J. – Dr. Yong Shi of Steve…), 2008)

He is actively engaged in national and international accreditation of higher degrees and is a member of the Engineering Council UK audit panel, Degree Accreditation Board and vice chair of the IMarEST Professional Affairs and Accreditation Committee. He has acted as expert evaluator for Greek Govt, IIE, EC FP5, FP6 and FP7. He is a member of the UCL Admissions Requirement and Schools Liaison Panels.

Dov Kruger Research Engineer at the Center for Maritime Systems

Dov Kruger is currently completing his PhD in underwater robotics. His thesis is on a new algorithm for path planning in a 4D current field, and a new localization algorithm using acoustic beacons in the same current field. Mr. Kruger is president of Right TRAK, a software consulting and training business, and has been the director of computing for Davidson Laboratory at Stevens.

Donald Chesley Research Engineer at the Center for Maritime Systems

Donald studied physics and math at Columbia (undergrad and grad, to M.Phil degree), and did some adjunct teaching (NYIT, CUNY Baruch). Meanwhile, a friend started a small computerized (Z80 processor) telephone switch manufacturing company, where I worked for around 10 years as a programmer/analyst. In 1983 I became involved with sailing vessel Pioneer, and over the next 25 years became a navigator and USCG licensed captain (while continuing a series of computer jobs). All these paths came together at Stevens Institute, where I am a Research Engineer at Davidson Labs, maintaining computer systems, field instrumentation, and communications links; is an example


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