On the control system

October 16, 2008

Thanks to the Center for Maritime Systems (aka Davidson Lab), we have a microprocessor we are using to get things going. The TS-7200, with 2 serial ports, 2 usb ports, a 200 MHz arm processor, and under 2 Watts usage is a feasible solution, something we can at least start up on. Thanks to Dov Kruger, we may be able to use the TS-7300, which is light years better. With 10 serial ports, and an fpga programable hardware layer, this board leaves plenty of room for growth. As for now, we are developing basic scripts to load devices properly (so far a USB memory stick and a three-axis accelerometer donated from Honeywell to Dov).

Thats the update with controls so far, more to come.


Solidworks Design

October 8, 2008

Check out this intial Solidworks Design – definetly some tweaks to be done, but a pretty cool start

More details in this Revised Design Report